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The board has decided to allow a few sponsors for the website to help offset some of the expenses.  If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring the website, please contact the HOA by filling out the form here.  Sponsoring the site would likely mean having a banner ad on one or more pages and/or having sponsored announcements.   The HOA website is one of the first places a perspective homeowner would go get information about moving into the neighborhood and we’ve had some interest from realtors and the like.

We also plan to make some more updates soon to the site such as allowing residents to get the pool wifi password from the site, viewing the pool cameras from the site, having RSVPs to events (for both volunteers and attendees) through the site and other items that will increase activity on the site.  There is already about 10 hits a day on the site, but these added items should increase traffic substantially. 

Also, the board is thinking about bringing back the quarterly newsletters that are mailed.  We may also place a few ads in there as well if there is interest.

Again, if you’re interested in attracting customers who are either looking to buy a home in the neighborhood or already homeowners who fit the demographic your looking for, please contact the HOA by filling out the form here.  

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