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Website Facelift

Categories: | Author: Hempsteade Website Admin | Posted: 1/6/2017 | Views: 1022
The Hempsteade HOA website ( has received a facelift.  The new website that was created in late 2015 was great, but it wasn’t very mobile friendly so we installed a new skin that is easier to use on a phone or tablet.
Also, when registering a new account on the site, users would sometimes receive an error when they clicked the link to verify their email address.  This was apparently a bug in the content management system we were using.  As part of the facelift, we have updated to the latest version and the bug should now be fixed.  Please contact Vertex if you experience any issues with the new site.

Now that everything seems to be working correctly I encourage all Hempsteade residents to register on the site if you haven't already.  If you haven’t registered and have been added to the residents group, you will not be getting the Eblasts, so it’s important that you register.  To sign up, follow the instructions here.  Once you have been added to the resident area, you will have access to the resident directory, community documents, pool wifi passwords, pool cameras (coming soon), board information, pay dues online, etc.

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