Registration Instructions

In order to get access to the resident area of the website and be added to the community email blasts please follow the steps below.

1) Fill out the initial sign up/registration form below.  Once that is done, you will have limited access to the website until your account is verified by following the other steps below.

2) Within a few minutes of filling out the form, you should then get a verification email.  Right after you get the email, follow the steps and click the link in it to verify your email is correct.  If you get any kind of error message clicking that link, try again until you don't get an error or try resetting your password.

3) Once your email is verified, click on your name at the top and then choose Edit Profile.  

4) Fill in your address and contact information. This contact information will then be used by the property management company to verify you are a Hempsteade Resident.  If you do not fill in these required fields you will not be added to the community email blasts list or be granted access to the secure area of the website.

Within a few days you should receive an email indicating you have been added to the resident area of the website.  If you do not receive this email after a few days, please contact the property management company.  Once you have been added to the resident area of the website you will have access to the directory, community documents, pool wifi passwords, pool cameras, board information, etc.  You'll be able to tell if you have access to the resident area of the website if you both have access the the resident directory and are listed in the resident directory. 

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the property management company.

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