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Pool Wi-Fi and Web Cam

Categories: | Author: Hempsteade Website Admin | Posted: 6/16/2017 | Views: 1020
Over the winter the board agreed to make Wi-Fi available to residents at both pools.  Since the pools already have internet for the security and card reader systems, there is no extra ongoing cost for this.  Wi-Fi is now available at the front pool and will be available at the back pool soon. The Wi-Fi will only be on during the hours the pool is open and the password will change periodically (about once a week).  To get the current password, visit: (resident login required).  It will be the same Wi-Fi name and password at both pools.  Please do not share this password with non-residents.


The board also agreed to add an additional camera at the front pool that is digital, higher definition and capable of being viewed on a website. The new camera has been installed and is now available for residents to view on the website.  To view the camera, visit: (resident login required).  Due to bandwidth constraints, for now what’s available on the website is just a still that will be updated when you refresh the page.

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