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Categories: | Author: Hempsteade Website Admin | Posted: 5/6/2017 | Views: 605
The Hempsteade HOA is pleased to announce that Tony McCormack of CAI Insurance Agency as an official sponsor of the HOA website.  His sponsorship will help offset some of the costs for the projects the HOA is planning to do this year.  Tony is a lifelong resident of Northern Kentucky and lives in Hempsteade with his wife Lucy, and three (soon to be four) kids.  He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has more than a 13 years in the insurance industry.  Clients range from Greater Cincinnati to literally across the United States.   Please contact Tony for Employee benefits, Commercial Insurance, or a personal Home and Auto review.  
You can find out more about Tony and CAI Insurance by visiting

Click here if you'd like information about sponsoring the website or the newsletters.

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