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New Website Sponsor
Image: New Website Sponsor The Hempsteade HOA is pleased to announce that Tony McCormack of CAI Insurance Agency as an official sponsor of the HOA website.  His sponsorship will help offset some of the costs for the projects the HOA is planning to do this year.  Tony is a lifelong resident of Northern Kentucky and lives in Hempsteade with his wife Lucy, and three (soon to be four) kids.  He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has more than a 13 years in the insurance industry.  Clients range from Greater Cincinnati to literally across the United States.   Please contact Tony for Employee benefits, Commercial Insurance, or a personal Home and Auto review.  
You can find out more about Tony and CAI Insurance by visiting

Click here if you'd like information about sponsoring the website or the newsletters.

Published: 5/6/2017
Facebook Group and Page
Image: Facebook Group and Page For those of you who haven’t already done so, join the private neighborhood Facebook “Group” and Like the official Hempsteade Facebook “Page”.  The Page is where official announcements by the property management company will be posted and the Group is where the community can post items for discussion.  
Published: 2/27/2017
Hempsteade & Hampshire Neighborhood Garage Sale
Image: Hempsteade & Hampshire Neighborhood Garage Sale Saturday, May 20 (from 8am – 1pm) will be our annual community-wide garage sale this year.  We will be teaming up with Hampshire again this year to make it a MEGA sale!

The HOA will be placing an advertisement in local newspapers and also placing temporary signs near the front entrance of both Hempsteade and Hampshire. If you’ve been wanting to have a yard/garage sale, this Saturday would be a good time to do it because of the increased traffic in the neighborhood. So come on out, whether you are selling or buying or just to enjoy meeting your neighbors! 

Published: 2/14/2017
Mt Zion Road Project
Image: Mt Zion Road Project

There has been some questions about how the Mt. Zion road widening project will affect Hempsteade (the front pool, ponds, etc).  This page on the website (resident login required) has some high resolution detailed blueprints of the plans as well as some links to interactive maps, project status, tentative timelines, etc.   Please take a look and hopefully it will help answer some of your questions.

Published: 1/11/2017
Image: Sponsorship

The board has decided to allow a few sponsors for the website to help offset some of the expenses.  If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring the website, please contact the HOA by filling out the form here.  Sponsoring the site would likely mean having a banner ad on one or more pages and/or having sponsored announcements.   The HOA website is one of the first places a perspective homeowner would go get information about moving into the neighborhood and we’ve had some interest from realtors and the like.

Published: 1/6/2017
Website Facelift
Image: Website Facelift The Hempsteade HOA website ( has received a facelift.  The new website that was created in late 2015 was great, but it wasn’t very mobile friendly so we installed a new skin that is easier to use on a phone or tablet. Read More...
Published: 1/6/2017
Pool Keyfobs
Image: Pool Keyfobs

Keyfobs are now available for pool & tennis court access.  You can choose to have either cards or keyfobs or both.  If you'd like to have a keyfob please go here (must be logged in) for instructions on how to request one.

Published: 12/19/2016
HOA Dues
Image: HOA Dues

The Hempsteade Community Facilities Association 2017 HOA semi-annual payments are due January 1st. and April 1st.  If you are interested in making payments online or setting up automatic payments, you can now do so through the HOA site. For please go here (must be logged in) to do so and for instructions.  This page also gives instructions on what to do to mail in a payment as well.

Published: 12/18/2016
Holiday Home of the Year
Image: Holiday Home of the Year

December 16 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Decorate your Hempsteade home for the 2nd annual holiday light decoration contest.  Everyone is invited to participate, just make sure your lights are on during the judging.  Decorations will be judged on beauty  and originality.

1st Place will receive an award ornament, yard sign and gift card

2nd - 5th place will receive gift cards

All winners ill receive recognition on our Facebook page  

Published: 12/14/2016
Do Not Feed Geese
Image: Do Not Feed Geese Residents of Hempsteade,

Please refrain from feeding the geese around the community. This may seem like a fun activity to do, and you may feel like you are helping the geese, but there are many cons to doing so.

  • A young gosling's diet will determine his taste preferences as he grows up, if he's spoiled on purchased feed or particularly lush grass while young, he'll probably refuse the nastier weeds as an adult.
  • Feeding geese near your unit can cause them to rely on coming around your unit for food source. They are very noisy and can make a big mess while they are there.
  • Geese like all animals can become aggressive.
  • They are insatiable curious and they nibble on everything; including bike seats, patio furniture, and other belongings, which is not only a nuisance, but dangerous to their health.
Published: 4/27/2016
Sync Hempsteade Calendar To Your Smartphone
Image: Sync Hempsteade Calendar To Your Smartphone The Hempsteade calendar ( is now setup to be able to synchronize with your smartphone calendar, online Google Calendar or Outlook calendar.

Below is the web link feed (URL) to use to add to your calendar:
iCal Link:

Below are links to instructions for adding the calendar to your device:
Once you setup this link, any new event that is added to the Hempsteade calendar will automatically show up in your smartphone, Google or Outlook calendar.

Also, if you use a RSS reader, you can use the RSS feed URL below to receive Hempsteade events in your news aggregator: Read More...
Published: 3/14/2016
Street Lights
Image: Street Lights If you see street lights out in the community, please contact Vertex with the nearest location and we will report it to Duke Energy. Read More...
Published: 1/8/2015
Email Blasts
Image: Email Blasts This community is going green! We will be utilizing email blasts for updates and info. You can sign up for the email blasts at the link above or below.  Read More...
Published: 12/1/2014
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